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Thank you for considering me for your project!  


Every project has its own requirements and budget, therefore a unique approach is necessary for every one of them.

Please have a read on my terms and conditions!

This will serve as the base for our discussions in negotiating the best deal for both of us. 


  1. Timeframes – pre-agreement meetings and preparation 


I consider my work with you starting from reading your script, synopsis or mood board. 

A few examples of how long tasks take in the art department:

A short film script takes 30 minutes - 1 hour to read, a feature film script takes 2 - 3 hours to read.  

Reference research, mood boards, thoughts and notes on your script for initial meetings take minimum of 1 full day of work. 

A script breakdown takes half a day of work. 

Recces and recce notes and the distribution of recce notes and intentions take minimum 2 days of work depending on requirements. 



  2. Working together: fees and conditions 


Hours and Overtime 

In pre-production me and my team work 10+1 hours lunchtime.  

Our normal working hours are 7am - 6pm.Of course, I am up for meetings/catch-ups after 6pm,

if we schedule them in advance and they are charged at £35/hour. 

On-set crew's hours are on-set hours with 15 minutes grace, after being charged at 1.5x / h overtime. 

In production, the office crew's hours are 7 am - 6 pm, above these hours, they will be charged at 1.5x / h overtime. 

We work 5 days a week, 6th day at 1.5 x, 7th day at 2 x rate with overtime at 2 x / h. 



Carboot-sale and antique market entrances, petrol, car expenses, parking and congestion charge are to be covered.  

All crew who use cars to be given 150£/week car allowance. 

All travel expenses to be covered during working hours. 

An art department van is required for prep, production and wrap. 


Meal Allowance 

In prep and during production our lunches. If we are on the road before 6:30 am our breakfast to be covered as well. 

On shooting days we charge for broken lunch, after 5 ½ hours being on set if lunch is not provided, we charge 1 hour. 


Working away from home 

We are London based. Any locations, jobs outside the M25 we require accommodation and per diems. 


Home office 

If we are using our home as the art department you will cover the printer and stationary costs. 


Tools and Toolkit 

We charge £30/week box allowance for software use. 

We are using our toolkits, and tools for the production and take care of the wear and tear but any consumables will have to be replaced after use. 



We work with trusted external construction companies, we are open to working with others if production suggests, but only after an initial meeting. 


    3. Rates 


My rates are below and are for reference. 

The exact rate I will be able to provide after learning about your project and requirements. 


Development wage (script reading, script breakdown, research, references, mood boards, initial meetings before contract): 

£35 - £75 / hour 

I charge for work done in development. If you decide to not continue working together I will charge only for the work done in the development stage. 


Short film rate: £150 / day minimum, £35 / hourly wage 
Commercial rate: £565 – £735 / day  

< 8.5m budget rate: £2000 - £2500 / week 

8.5m  to 30m budget rate: £2800 - £3200 / week 

Above 30m budget rate: minimum £3000 / week  

Me and my team wages are BECTU and APA wages.  


Please see BECTU 2021 rate card on this link: 


APA Rate card for commercials 2021: 



      4. Team

My core team consists of the following members and can change according to the project requirements: 


  • Production Designer / commercial: Art Director 

  • Set decorator / commercial: Stylist 

  • Art Director 

  • Draftsperson 

  • Buyer 

  • Assistant Buyer 

  • Art Department Assistant (s) 

  • Art Department Runner(s) 

  • Prop master 

  • Propmen 

  • S/by propmen 

  • S/by art director 

  • Art Department Driver 


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